Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Desperation 2

My santa (u remember) came back yesterday. i felt well, he's definetly going to brighten my week. he called me, told me he had a load of work to do today. I was disappointed but he was quick to reassure me. told me he would make out time and pick me up later tonite.
My world lit up. The time ve been waiting for for a week has come. I couldn't wait for his next call. I started dancing and doing things i never thought i would be able to do; preparing my mind for things i would tell him when i see him: what my dad said, my school fees, boyfriends, everything.
I remembered that I share with him my innermost thoughts and feelings. I can't remember feeling this safe with anyone like this before. 'Twas like i told him an angel sent from God to me.
I guess 1 reason why i felt so safe with him is because he never made any advances towards me.
Am grateful though, one tiny part of me asked if it was wise but i ignored it. After all i can't be an ice maiden for life. I just cn't wait to see him and collect what he brought for me from Dubai. He even said he'd take me to Siverbird cinema, again!!

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