Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A day wit Santa

Hi guys,
Last monday morning found me walking on air. I can hear questions; why?I had the most wonderful I mean the best weekend of my life. I met my own Santa. I've been working on this piece since that day, hoping to finsh it but work cum daydreaming wouln't let me.Seriously, am not kidding. I don't mean the red garbed man, no, A real man, different in all ramifications.Hold on let bring my head down from the clouds. Many of us find ourselves in situations where we can't help ourselves.
We think dreams are for the would-be cinderrellas or the unserious type. But it is not true. The more you dream about what u want from life, who u want to be and where u want to be, the more u start thinking about putting it to practice, realising it or actualizing, then u're on ur way to achievement.
That was just a digression. A week before I meeting my santa, I was depressed. That's depressed with a capital 'D'. I understood why girls my age go into sex hawking.
A boyfriend once told me that females are not one percent okay. My fingers itched to slap him but i knew that to gain u've got to listen before acting; I've also learnt that listeners are wise, so I listened to the point he had to make. He told me that we females make choices all the time, we don't want to settle with what we have most of the time and when we do make those choices, we easily unmake them, so to speak, we find it hard to make a decision and stick to it. A part of me agreed with him, but my pride and his wouldn't let me tell him that.
Everyone of one us have principles, we have what we believe in. No one wants to go against that but when situations beyond our controls arises we find out that from Superhumans we are just ordinary humans. Therefore we have no say about it.
I was reading a colleagues' blog early last week. He was talking about women and their unfaithfulness and I wanted to comment on it, asking why he didn't talk about men's unfaithfulness. There are so many playboys in(and some who are enrolling) whose sole responsibilities are to have "fun". They believe having fun is "helping ourselves"
Men these days no longer believe in relationships whereby the word 'sex' doesn't ocur. I met one last night on my way from school and the next thing i knew was he asked me if I could come see him at home. I looked up and asked God if am ever going to meet a man who wouldn't want sex first then ask questions later.
Back to my Santa. I met him on the 4th of December 2009. That night is going to history because that night I got my first Santa gift. Earlier that day I had made up my mind to break my principles and values, so that i can "use what I have to get what I want" besides what does principles and values have to do with it? Can it give me money for xmas or pay my school fees which was long overdue?
I didn't know that I was depressed. and when U're in depression u can do anything. I wanted to meet one of "them" to give me what i want. On my way, he called me and cancelled. I was so furious that i dropped from the bus I was in and decided at nine pm that night, foolishly to walk home.
Not upto ten minutes later, after trying in vain to get him on his mobile and ask him why he decided to cancel what we've both waited for two months for, I saw a jeep packed besides me. I whispered 'they've come again' and entered the car. I think I should stop here.
Santa claus inspired me. I felt like someone poured a bucket of cold water on me. It felt like I met God telling me things, reminding me that all that glitters' not gold; things don't last and the likes. He gave me what I can't put into words much less into writing. At this moment, I still can't explain. I was honoured and awed at the same time.
At this time of my life, things rarely surprises me or discomfits me. But that night both were happening.
I fought depression. I realised that no matter how far we have gone in life or what we've done, nothing is ever too late for us. We can do it; we can reform ourselves. It only requires a step and the rest is.........
I told Santa that I had been planning on attending the Experience 2009, which took place that night, but i was no longer interested in going. He told me that what i lacked was determination. He asked me if i really wanted to be there and I nodded. He drove me down to TBS that night and I had another experience.
I have never seen such a man in my life before. I can only hope that there are many of them like that, unmarried ofcourse. I don't want another woman's property, separated or not. I want my own!
So gals please keep on dreaming. It may take a long time, u may have just a pair of clothesan shoes to wear. Keeping on dreaming. Keep urselves busy for an idle man is the devil's workshop.
A man can only use u give u money. and that won't last because our wants are insatiable. It will finish and u'll end up looking and asking for more.
Why don't you devote yourselves to a cause, get a job, face ur studies, etc. Discover yourselves and you'll be surprised by how much treasures you'll find hidden within with which you can use to bless others.
Remember, passing through fire is a necessity and prerequisite for success. U also have to have a story to tell. When I read Biographies and Autos today I remind myself that if they didn't "see some things"(Experience) they would not be Celebrities today or well known.
So beware!

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