Thursday, December 17, 2009

Is viginity a crime?

Wikipedia defines Virginity as a state of being a vigin. A virgin or a maiden is a woman who's never had sexual intercourse. The word "Virgin" was derived from the Latin Virgo, which means"sexually inexperienced woman". It was meant for adolescents, older women and godesses. Virginity was once regarded as a state of purity and thing of value, somthing to be proud of. There were some traditions, in those days, who regard the loss of virginity before marriage is a matter of deep shame to a family .

Now it seems no one wants to be left out of things. Virginity is now seen as a thing of shame in the society. It's ironic how things have changed. Some people think virginity is a curse. They say one has be disvirgined before marriage to allow easy childbirth.What is the world turning into? Safe sex is even much more preached than abstinence.

Deciding you want to remain a virgin is one of the most difficcult choices one can ever make. Especially when faced with a society that no longer belive in moral values and purity of the mind and body.You also have to consider sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy-physical factors and emotional factors.

For teens, it is advisable for them to use their judgements and not to be easily swayed by friends. It is hard because we all have our wills and beliefs. One man's goose is another's gander. Being oneself is what makes you unique.

YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT BECAUSE OTHERS ARE DOING IT. Do it because you want it and when you do make sure it is at the right time. A friend of mine told me her own experience. She says " I just wanted to know what it is , they say it makes one feel good but when i did at that time I bemoaned my virginity because i could have waited easily for it" It is important at the youth stage to spend time discovering yourself. When you feel ready to have sex you can. Investing time into what will be or what you want to be tommorrow leaves you no time for frivolities.

To me virginity is neither a crime nor an atrocity. It speaks of one's uniqueness and his ability to persevere.

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