Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last night

Last night, i went out with one of the most cunniest men. When i was with Tell he paid me all the attention he taught i needed. He took me to my fav eatery. Bought me nothing more than water, salad or meatpies.

Told me he loves me, thinking that would sway me. He tells me "u're a good girl please keep it up. but don't let anyone spoil u, remain as u are, u're too gullible"And when he saw that it was going nowhere either, he told me he wants to marry me. I told him i wasn't interested. He stopped troubling me; moved on to another girl.

Few days ago i got a phone call. guess who it was;Mr love. and am like "ooh God here we go again what does he want". he sets up a date insist on coming to my school to pick me up. I tot that was an improvement. Though he didn't come;he doesn't always fulfil his promises, he asked that i meet him at the "usual point".

I told myself i would talk but i won't reveal too much. if he starts his "I luv u or u're a gud girl" lullaby am going to walk out on him. thank God am gud at that.

At Tantallizers last night I ate, drank and still he didn't know more than he ought to. Everytime he wants to bring up the 'u're still gullible' stuff, I brush him off.I think i was trying to punish him for not being in touch even though i told him i wasn't interested.I wanted him to come out and tell me what he really wanted from me; he couldn't tell and i tot "well it's just as well".

Nobody won and nobody lost and still i felt that empty part of me crying out again, feeling left out.

Can't help it. I've learned in a hardway that u can't get everything u want from life. U get some, take some, and leave some.

I no one day i'd get to meet my own not-so-perfect- prince charm but until then, my time belongs to God and doing i what i no how to do best. And when i do meet him, oh lord, thre'd better be media 'cos am gonna do somthing wonderful!

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