Thursday, December 31, 2009

My most memorable day of the year

The most memorable day of my life will always be my b'day. I can guess it's urs too. Today is my birthday, so I have the luxury of recounting all I've done for the year that's about to end.

The end of this year also marks the end of this decade. I grew up to be a woman in this decade. Loved in this decade and for a while, lost myself and my way to God. I also found my way slowly back to Him.

I had so many opportunities good and bad which I took seriously and unseriously. This decade began with me starting my senior secondary education, sitting and failing my WAEC/O'levels which i didn't take well at all. Started having serious relationships, going out in the real world not knowing what's really there.

Worked with Tell communications ltd which helped me realise that I have a long way to go, first as a security operative then as an office assistant a year and a month later- through the Managing Editor who saw something 'unique' in me.

Now am finally close to my dream. Am in a tertiary institution, studying part-time and also working in another publishing house.

As always, I wouldn't say it's been a smooth journey so far. I think I learn't more this year than any other year. I still look too matured for my age and lot would kill for my stature.

P.S: Santa didn't me last night till this morning @ 8:30am. He wished me happy b'day. Last night I had a flash back about what might have caused his change of heart; when i told him about my rent problems; which volunteered to pay part, and my refusal to be his girlfriend. Well he can pout all he wants, I ain't changing my mind!

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