Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A total let-down

Everytime I start to relax and believe that there is a different man in this world I tend to be disappointed? Why? Is there no religious or traditional man out there. What's happening? Do men have to lie to get into our pants?

I can't help but say that my lack of faith in humanity has been founded. Look at Santa of all people. He started by preaching to me. what happened to practicing what you preach.

The last time we went out, he actually suggested that I join him (this was at 2am) in his house after he dropped me @ home. My mind recalled the warning signs that's been there from the first day we met when he asked me to choose having sex with him that night and going for the total experience at the TBS. I refused ofcourse and choose the later.

I also remember that I told him that i can't and shouldn't have anyting to do with a married man. He told me he was separated from his wife. I replied by saying, "it doesn't metter to me separated or not u're still with your wife and i can't i just can't". I thought he was joking. Apparently he's not.

I guess he thinks am interested in him. Am not. He stinks ok. He has this pot belly i can't stand. He doesn't understand that what i need from him is neither sex nor money but feeding;spiritual feeding not otherwise. I was looking for a break from the world and what's in it. I need him as a mentor , nothing more!

He told me he would call before today, which is his brother's wedding. So as twelve noon when he didn't like he promised two days ago, i decided to call him. Like i guessed, he w gave me an excuse, by telling me sharply; "I'll call u back am driving". I decided that he's already tired of me. that he's no different from others and that it's just as i thought 'men are the same, I shouldn't waste my time and future waiting on princecharming 'cos he won't come'
I wish he'd call back, fix me a meeting so that i can tell him my mind! Am not a call girl and i'll never be!

I really need to start writing for 'cos ve been invited. I want to start filling up my other blog too. Guess am scared about the informations about me i'll be revealing.

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