Monday, December 14, 2009

Why women have sex

This is my first first post so i have to make it right. I'll start with this post on women and sex. I pray you'd enjoy it as others have.

Apart from procreation, sex is one of the best experience that can ever happen especially to women after viginity. Gone are the days when women simply have sex to “increase the line”, or lay back while their Men “finish the deed” Women now have sex for exercise, pure fun or because they are really “itching to have it scratched”.
Why do women love sex? 29 year old beautician in Lagos state, Seun Adegoke, believes most women have sex to release stress and to make them feel good. Sex, she says takes her mind off worries she may have had during the day. She says “It is like a pill or a drug, which most women can't live without”. Nigerian sex workers think like wise. Most of them don't have sex mainly for money, no, an anonymous partner of the trade says she's into the business because it makes her feel like she's worthy. So many of her customers come to her because they haven't been really ''fed” well at home and she becomes a “the other woman” because she takes care of his needs. In truth most of these women end up being married to their customers.
A decade ago or more accurately five years ago, 60% of Nigerian women believe in sex after marriage. Forty percent can boastly say they are or were virgins before they got married.
According to a research conducted by Time magazine, it's been discovered that women's sexual psychology are far more complex than men. Both women and men have sex because they are physically attracted to the person, for pure pleasure, because they are in love, or simply because they are horny. Women's sexuality tends to be more linked with love and emotional bonding. Women, more than men, like sex when there's some kind of emotional connection. Men were more likely to have sex simply because the opportunity presented itself. Women tend to be pickier, especially for short-term sexual encounters. And men are more motivated to have sex to boost their status among their peers, although some women also had sex for precisely this reason.
What are the main reasons why women have sex?The most frequent reasons include: sexual attraction to the person, the desire for physical pleasure, to express affection, to express their love for a person or because they were sexually aroused and wanted release. Other important reasons are to boost their self-esteem or sexual esteem, to get revenge, to secure "mate insurance" in case a partner dumps them, to relieve pain, to achieve health benefits such as getting rid of a headache (yes, it works), to decrease stress, to lose weight and as a sleep aid. We devote one chapter to "sexual economics," which focuses on all the ways in which women have sex as an exchange for other benefits, such as getting her partner to take out the garbage, securing free dinners,lunch or getting expensive gifts. We also devote one chapter to what we call "the dark side" of women's sexuality: when women have sex because they were deceived, coerced or forced into it.
Some women also have sex for revenge. A few have sex (especially in Nigeria) in order to give someone else a sexually transmitted disease. They want to get back at cheating partners,. They would also want to get back at the person who forced them into sex or turned them into prostitutes, or having sex with the partner of a friend who had poached her partner Mate-poaching is the frequency with which women try to lure men who are already "taken," either for a short-term sexual liaison or a longer-term relationship. Most women have experienced mate-poaching in one form or another, either as the mate poacher or as the victim.Sexual attraction often boils down to what Darwin(the evolutionist) called "female choice." Modern women are the descendants of a long and unbroken line of ancestral mothers who made wise sexual choices. As descendants of these successful women, modern women carry with them the sexual psychology: the ancestral wisdom that led to the success of their female forebears. So women find cues to health, status and protection to be sexually attractive. These are all qualities that led to better survival and reproductive outcomes.
Physical features women tend to find most attractive in men are the body, V-shaped torso, or a high shoulder-to-hip ratio, and men who are taller than average. Interestingly, women do not like muscle-bound men, and men misperceive how muscular women want them to be. The face is also critical. A symmetrical face is a health cue, as are a good head of hair and masculine features such a strong jaw and a deep voice. Women generally don't find feminine-looking or feminine-sounding men to be sexually attractive.
Other things women find sexually attractive are:
Good hygiene
Sense of smell is critical. A man who smells bad, or who has bad breath — that can be a sexual kill switch for women. Interestingly, women have a keener sense of smell than men, so men are sometimes oblivious to how bad they smell to women. A man's scent conveys critical information to women about a man's health status.
Personality and social status. A man has to be himself. Usually that differentiates him from other men just as it is for men so it is for women.
Sense of humor, self-confidence.
These things can transform an average-looking man into a sexually attractive man in the minds of many women.

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