Thursday, January 21, 2010

Career or Business?

Which one is better? What do I do? Those were the questions buzzing in my head  as I woke up this morning.

 I got home early last evening to watch the Super Eagles' match against the Black Mambas of Mozambique.The minute I dropped my bag, I dived for the remote of the T.V, trying to tune in to AIT(Africa Independent Television)  which would show the match only to be dissapointed. The remote wouldn't work.

My younger sister dropped a bomb on me. My mother's travelling down to the east finally in June. This year June? I asked and she said yes. Wow.  She's finally going home to take care of her mom. She also wants me to take over her shop. My mom's the epitome of humanhood. I think I should devote a blog to her.

Her mom's my name sake. That's where I got my traditional name from. She was moved from her home in Ohaozara, Ebonyi state to the capital of the state, Abakaliki. I remember vividly the twelve days I spent with her. They were wonderful days I won't forget easily. And now my mom's taking my very younger siblings to stay with her.

I haven't been able to put it out of my mind. Ever since i left Tell, I've been wondering if it a good Idea to work. Why not get a business of my own? I can do anything I set my eyes on to do. Building a career these day with a company especially in Nigeria is more or less a waste of talent and time. Look at those bank workers, a few months ago, they had jobs and now they no longer do. It's been close to six months here @ Western publishing, did I make a wrong choice by refusing to go straight to school after spending that much money to write exams? I can't say!

Wouldn't I feel a twinge of envy when i see ladies going to work . A Friend of mine answered that for me. Ofcourse, I would. I once prayed for this. I practically begged for challenges when I learnt that I have to struggle to succeed. Why am I backing out now?

 Is it 'cos I want to hknow how it feels to be my own boss. Have my own say? Wake up any time I want to and do anything I want without someone telling me to?

Is this what I want for myself? Career or Business? Which is it the best?

 I really don't know which way!

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