Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My best friend got married last year and a few months later she gave birth and I thought; that's how a marriage should be. U know filled with Love, Trust, Friendship, laughter and children. This isn't back in the day and they accepted themselves as they are. They are young, cute and all. 
When I look at married couples today, the thought of marriage flees with alarming speed from my mind. Because I thought it is the end of all struggles of life.
Looking at the Bible's perspective which i respect alot, It says in Gen 2 vs 24
"a man shall therefore leave his father and mother and is joined to his wife to become one"
It also goes further to say that "what God as joined together,let noman put asunder" People are easily forgetting that. We ladies forget that whichever choices we make, we have to live with it for the rest of our lives , remember the phrase 'for better for worse'? Even if he commits adultery, he is your choice.
I feel bad when i hear about marriages that i root for falling. I ask them what they where thinking of in the first place? didn't you know about his bad habits before u married him? More importantly, didn't you guys court? Some even go to the extent of living together before marriage and still have problems.  
I can hear someone ask me "are u married?" How did you know all these things? Well I've lived with my parents all my life, spent time with married couples and singles, was "almost" married in 2008 to someone I barely knew who was in a hurry to get married. I pray it answers the question.

As I blogged before, I believe in happily everafters, the cinderella stories et al. I believe its still possible. How, you may ask, its by going on your knees in prayer and asking God for "your own" So many of want fairly used( that married men) because you feel or think they are ready made. I think its better we help ours develop and turn, change or make them into what we want them to be.

I once had a woman that I reverred. I regarded her as my God mother. I'll call her Mummy X for anonymity. Mummy x's husband left her and her kids 'cos of an acclaimed infidelity on her part. I didn't understand all that 'cos I was young when all that was going on; all I saw was a young woman rejected over and over by her husband, struggling to eke out aliving for her 2 kids. Then she met one man; married man for that matter and everything about her changed. 
I 'll continue later. But for now: 
Ourie voir!  

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