Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Perfection (Sequel to Mr. Perfect)

Hmmn, my fantasies are endless. First on my list is a complete man. Knowing that I may have my own Mr. Perfect one day keeps my day bright and positive.I agree with Jaine and the girls with their List; which cost two of them their lives.

Whenever i close my eyes, I tend to daydream about "him". Where he is, what he is doing and how we might meet.Will there be fireworks? Will my heart double its beats?. Will my head sing?
It goes on and on.
The tot alone that I'd meet him someday, somehow makes keeps my troubles at bay.

We all want someone we can rely on. I think thats where 'Dependable" from the list comes in. Whenever there's a rain or shine I'd love to be able to say my man is there. He'll be know what to do.
 Or say I know him well, in and out and he knows me as well.He knows I am "faithfull" to him he has pledged to be "faithful" to me,"to love and cherish me untill death do us path" and am not dissapointed.

Never mind if he is rich or not, I'd want to be comfortable with him. I'd love to grow old and rich with him. I wouldn't want somone who'd remind me "have you forgotten where I picked You?" which is one of the fears which makes women have careers today.

My guy should have a good sense of humour ofcourse. If he doesn't know how to make me laugh and laugh, who'd laugh at my dry jokes?

He also has to be nice. I have male friends and many siblings he has to know that he comes first and should be able to treat me as well, a woman.

A perfect man would know better than hurt my feeling.I want to be able to cuddle with my guy at night share mine and his troubles,wake up together after a good morning sex (ofcourse, sex is important), say our prayers, etc.

We should also be able to make up easily after quarells. I attended Bishop Oyedepo's son's wedding, Former president Olusegun Obasanjo was there as a guest and he made one comment "Communication is very important in a relationship(marriage) u have to disagree to agree but when u quarell, communicate, 'cos if u don't that's a step towards the failure of your marriage" I quickly swallowed that.

For all these to happen to me, I asked myself, shouldn't there be Love. Shouldn't I love my guy. Shouldn't i be able to reciprocate his feelings and respect his own wishes for Ms. Perfect? Thats the key thing. Don't you think? 

I learnt that passion, infactuation, lust all have a role to play in love. I didn't know what to think because they are all selfish. I know that love is selfless, kind, guiltless and so forth 

Looking at my past relationships, I can easily deduce why they fail. I keep accessing each and everyone of them, hoping they are the "one". Many think am not "real". Do you believe that some men don't want you to talk? Either because they are ashamed of being seen with you and I don't know what else.

I really can't blame those women who are maried to their careers or their God.

These days, I can't help but wonder if am not waiting in vain 'cos I think there are no more.

This is my own opinion. You can let me know yours!

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