Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What MJ means 2 moi

It is very hard to state the import of Michael Jackson in the world and in Music in general. I've never had to talk or write about what Michael Jackson meant and still means to me. I have his life and death dvd at home which I play everytime I get. I've loved MJ before I got into my teens. It was his good looks that i loved the most. Next was his dance steps. I was amazed at how a person could be revered as a king.

I had no idea there were other musicians. Billie Jean was still making waves and Black and white couldn't seem to stop. This was in middle nineties, when his bad press and controversies started . When I had that a group was planning to bring him to Nigeria, I was elated. I envisioned him as a prince coming to his hometown which he'd left long ago.

Not many weeks later, a neighbour told me that my "boyfriend" had to "bleach his skin" to become a white man because he hated the black colour. I was furious. I couldn't check if these facts were really true (how could I) I was barely ten years old. I've never seen a computer before and tabloids/newspaper were a few days old if not weeks old before i lay my hands on them.

Then in 2001, he released you rock my world and I fell in love with him all over again. I was in a public high school then so I got the lyrics. Believe it or not, public school students have access to somethings that even private students envy.

"You rock my world you know you did and everything am gonna give 
and there aren't nothing we could find someone like you to call mine" 
It was wonderful 'cos i don't know how else to describe. I just knew that MJ was rocking my world and he didn't know about it.

 MJ was a living Legend. His music music will live forever and ever. When I read and watched his history, past and present I felt for him. I understood firsthand that there's a price to pay for every fame, every dream you want to achieve or you've achieved.

He paid every price for it. When he was presented with a Grammy legend award in 1994 by Janet, his sister, who said she was honoured and blessed to have him as a mentor and as her brother, MJ said he's stopped blaming God or anyone for how and why he was raised without a childhood. He had started to think of himself a an instrument of nature to touch people's lives.

He also said it's a relief, to be finally regarded as a person and not a personality.

How many celebrities still think thus? How many can face those accusations without breaking  down like Britney did? How many can boast of 39 charity foundations? Why was he asked to do 50 shows? Why did he agree? What has his family to say? Where were his friends when he was battling addiction?

These and many more questions kept running through my mind as i tried to assert why he died and how.

When I heard on CNN, on June 26, 2009 that he died after a cardiac arrest the day before, I went down on my knees. I couldn't close my mouth. It's as if my uncle, very close to me has died. It was everywhere on Tv, print; tabloids and dailies and it still is. It made headlinesand I tried as much as possible to read them all, which i did.

Months later i was still reading trying to know just one thing: why? I went on net using wikipedia and it gave me informations that made tears run down my cheeks. There were quotes upon quotes by him. They were about a man who is human but regarded as a god, king, prince etc. He was not expected to make mistakes. Every little thing he did was noted and emulated, when all he wanted was some privacy.

He was a star and the leader of the still highest boy band groups; the Jackon five. I'm sorry I I can still go on and on but I can't continue, like I said b4 it's hard to assert his affluence.

His story rocked my world and I know its still rocking other peoples' life. It wasn't until Santa told me that he made himself a sacrificial lamb for music lovers that I let him rest in peace.

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