Monday, January 18, 2010

What a woman really wants: Mr. Perfect

Three nights ago, my sister,Adanna, brought home a book(this happens like one out of every hundreds). It was a novel by Linda Howard titled "Mr. perfect". Being a lover of all kinds of books fiction or not, I've never liked missing out on any book I see; old and new. Looking  at the torn form that night, I wasn't sure it would be interesting. My sis held onto that book for two days. I wasn't that bothered 'cos I had a Danielle Steel with me which was later collected by a colleague who is the owner.

As I dragged my weary self back from school last evening, all I thought was getting a well deserved rest. Our test was next week and lecturers were driving us insane with assignments, and what nots. I made sure I ironed the clothes I would wear to work this week so I wouldn't have to worry about what ladies worry about;power failures, the 'what or what not to wear' or 'what goes with what'. My siblings were watching 'Lois and Clark: the adventures of Superman' which we've watched a zillion times. I wondered what brought on the gluminess am feeling. The restlessness in me could either be 'cos I was stood up by two guys who were supposed to make my weekend or the other which always wants to ruin my week (which I will talk about another day).

I saw the book "Mr. Perfect" lying on a shelf and decided to skim though. The author started well with humour; I have little interest in books that have no humour. I found my self laughing at the themes and settings of the novel. I got to a scene where four friends, all women were talking about what they want from men.My interest was piqued. 

They've all had their fair share of bad relationships; Janine, the Heroine with three failed engagements before she clocked twentythree, Marci, the oldest among the group who's been divorced thrice,Luna who's in-love with a football who's an ego the size of the African continent and doesn't care about her,and T.J the only married lady among them but having insecurities because her husband doesn't want children. 

They all gathered together for lunch, decided then and there that instead of bemoaning their bad relationships or lack of one, they would list all they want from men. Their fantasies ofcourse. I quickly noted down all the seven points:    

  • Faithfullness 

  • Nice

  • Dependable

  • Has a steady job

  • Good sense of humour

  • Has comfortable money( they decided that rich guys tend to lord it over them)

  • Good looking and finally

  • Great in bed
The four of them knew the List were just "fantasies" So instead of bemoaning their loses they congratulated themselves on their 'independence' because no man is worth pining for. Is this true? I looked back on my own long(believe it) lists of relationships which doesn't survive six months each, I couldn't help but wonder.

Do I share their views.Yes I do. Everyone is allowed fantasies, if they can't have the real thing, aren't they? Men also dream about having Ms. Perfect. When they realise before and after they've gotten married to their choice, wondering if they got what they bargained for. Some of them may start to give their wives the silent treatment.   

How many husbands or boyfriends out there calls there spouses endearing names? Do you know that there are lazy husbands? Some men still beat their wives. This same woman that carry their chidren for nine months each with no help...........

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