Monday, January 11, 2010

The year of Restoration

 01-01-10 dawned bright and clear. Guess what? It's a new year. A new decade. The much anticipated year . A year i'd have to pursue my dream course in a university finally!  Following history, holidays have always found me either being mad @ one of my sisters or one of my parents.

Am usually not one for holidays. I don't really know why but every time it's close to the xmas and new year celebrations , am always in a bad mood. When am supposed to be celebrating. It may be that I felt no reason for celebration.

So on this new day of this new year and decade, I shook off that feeling. This was new and am gonna make the most of it. I started the decade with a new hairdo, unique manicure and ofcourse went back to sleep.

I remembered the candlelight night @ Canaanland, where Papa talked about this year, how it's going to be a year of retoration of all those things that we have been dispossesed of. I told myself that I would try my best to be closer to God than i've ever been.

But I was close to breaking that vow when I met Wale. Wale; who gave me my first kiss years ago, who also taught me how to kiss. The only one I've considered ever dating. That can still turn my brain tto mush and send all my morality codes to blazes. He called me that night asking me to meet him, ofcourse I agreed. Santa was not around to make my day as usual and he's this ........asking me to meet him. I dressed in my hmmmn best and off i went. Hoping for my first new year gift; which i got. 

Oooooh, I got a feeling that this year, decade is gonna to be a good one indeed!

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