Friday, February 19, 2010

What Facebook means to me

I enjoy Facebook totally. I mean it's a friend I may never have. I can share my thoughts and opinions whether it makes sense or not. Before I joined, I always wondered what it was like and I would look at the users and wonder what would make them spend hours on end on that particular social website. I called it a waste of time and money. Then I was tempted into registering having no idea what I was getting myself into.

I must admit that I've come to find succour in that social networking site. If am pissed, happy and sad I can share it with people who don't know me from Adam, but may feel the same way I feel and tell me what to do about it. I know there are big risks involved in giving your private information to people you barely know but it pales in comparison to the positivity of meeting people online who share the same values, beliefs, aspirations, feelings and hopes that you have.

Opinions vary on facebook.Some may see it as an avenue for defrauding people online, but thanks to the new Privacy settings put in place now you can decide who you want to give your informations to at your risks. My elder sister who just came home from service in the North, after completing her Tertiary education doesn't share my idea. She'd register alright but with another name. " I don't like giving my details to people i don't know, why didn't you use another profile name?"She asked me. I told her it was her email address that I used to create her profile and she kept mum. When I later informed her that I'd checked her page yesterday, saw she wasn't using it, uploaded her image and added some friends, she went over the roof. Hear her "why didn't you ask me before uploading my picture?"

Others think it's a waste of time. They can't imagine spending that much time on a site. Employers says Facebook delays work stating the website was "not directly related to the workplace" as quoted by Wikipedia. Employees would rather spend time "facebooking" than working during working time. Critics says it can damage intimate relationships,leaving people especially teenagers without strong social ties.

I've been wondering what a genius is made of; If he or she was born that way but after reading about the 25-year old founder of Facebook, the youngest self-made billionaire(as of Jan. 2010), I can't help but think I've done and accomplished nothing so far. Facebook has done so something very few people are doing these days, education, information, name them. Mark Zuckerberg  has recording his name automatically in the history books.

Facebook can also be vain and addictive. I can't imagine not checking Facebook more than twenty times or uploading links, notes,I can even thank God, saying good morning Jesus, before jetting off to work in the morning on Facebook. Whatever it is, Facebook is good for me!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bollywood: Lessons for Nollywood?

Ever watched a Bollywood movie before? No? Then you need to start watching them because it is  the hottest movie industry in town now especially in Nigeria. Apart from the fact that it teaches moral values and lessons in love, it also show cases Indian cultures and traditions. Bollywood movies to me, are inspiring.

The term, Bollywood, is an informal term popularly used for the Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai, India. Bollywood industry is just a part of the indian cinema but it is often incorrectly used to refer to all the movie industries in India. It is the largest film producer in India. Unlike Hollywood, Bollywood doesn't exist as a physical place.

Actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Sunny Deol, Shah Rukh Khan (nicknamed King Khan), etc, have made earned worldwide accolades for their roles in popular bollywood movies like Khabi Khushi Khabi gham, Mother India and Deewana respectively.

In Nigeria, barely can you find a home or cinema without Bollywood movies. It has become the norm for colleagues, friends even Nigerian websites talk about it.

Over the past few years, although Bollywood's movies have limitations, Nollywood movies have changed from showing cultures and traditions to nudity, kissing on sets, etc. Suspense is has been turned into something else. 

Gone are the days when you enjoy Nollywood movies, you find movies that ought to be a part having several parts with no future end........To be continued

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Enjoying Singlehood

Being Single is one of the best thing that has ever happened to us. It is a time you think and feel only you. You have more time for yourself,  time to set priorities, create and achieve goals and objectives.

 Unfortunately, many females to do not agree with this fact. We are always in a hurry to get married because;

  1. My clock is ticking
  2. My mates are already married 
Indeed my Mom reminds of my single status most times that I'd begin to wonder if it's a a crime or my wish to remain single.

Whichever reasons we may have, it is important to note that being single doesn't mean being lonely. It is not a crime but is it by choice. It means freedom, making your own decisions at your own time, space and risk. No inhibitions. Opportunities abound that you can only grasp by being a single person so here are tips to enjoying your singlehood;

  • Making time out for God; serving him. You enjoy God more when you have time to worship Him and you can only worship him truthfully when you ar single.
  • Ignore those who wonder or ask why you are single. It's not a crime to be single.
  • Create meaningful friendships and enrich your existing ones.
  • Enjoy your freedom. We all have fantasies indulge in them. Spoil yourself. Live alone in your own apartment, manage your budgets and situations so you can manage your relationships well. Go to spas(If u can afford it), get pedicures, manicures, massages, etc.
  • Help yourself grow. Read books, Make friends that'll help you, that will make you grow physically mentally and otherwise.
  • Be bold 
  • Have fun, mingle with your friends
With all these, I doubt you will feel lonely. Once your single days are over, you may want to go back to the good old days!


February 1, 2009, will always remain in my memory. It was my second time of being in Songhai Porto- novo. The first time I went to Porto-Novo was in August 2008. I worked then as an assistant with Tell. Assistants in Tell do a bit of everything, still I was dumbfoundded when I was told I would be going with the Corporate Affairs department down to Porto-Novo. I couldn't really relish it because it was unbelievable and painfull at the same time.

Unbelievable because I didn't feel worthy enough to have gone, painful because my colleagues weren't too happy with me going thereby giving me silent treatment.

So when I was picked the second time, I left all my cares in the wind. That day in February was and would be always stick in my memory. I met personalities made friends with them and even had a few suitors.

It was memorable. I understood nature and people. My superior who I assisted, taught me so many things I'd never forget and i'll forever be grateful for. The participants too had a great time and couldn't stop talking about how great the experience was.

Songhai is an agricultural centre based in Poro-novo, Benin Republic. Songhai is also a center for training, for production, research and development of sustainable agricultural practices. Every 3 or 4 times in a year the Corporate Affairs Department organises the programme and takes farmers, would be farmers and agriculturists there to show them the principles and basics of famine. You just had to be there to understand the experience. 

Knowing what you want

What do I want? This has been the question bothering me this week. How can I be myself? How do I know myself.  How do I know what I want. I googled it and came across interesting things. For someone like me I  realised that the main problem we face is that we don't know what we want from life which is why when it comes to making decisions, we flop. 

Wobbling in indecisions we jump at any opportunities that comes our way. This can be quite disastrous because any decisions we make today affects our tommorrow. Here a few tips:

The first step to take to knowing what you want is Finding yourself. Finding yourself means knowing who you are, your likes, what you can do. It also means knowing knowing your limitations, strengths and weaknesses, hereby making your confidence in yourself grow. Start with a new and clean slate.

Put God first. Apart from being our creator, God has been the Author and Finisher of our fate and Faiths. Letting Him know and casting all cares on Him because he alone knows what we want and what's good for us. If you'll but ask Him, he'll tell you

Build your self confidence.  You have to believe in yourself, that you can do it if you try. Trying never hurts. Even when it hurts it reminds you of where you are going so that when you get there, you'll be able to look back with a smile. It boosts you and identifies your abilities.

Stick to your principles. Your principles can be your decisions, your morales or your virtues. Know what they are and believe in them. Do your own thing; don't be a crowd follower or a crowd pleaser. It doesn't matter what people say or think, but what you think and feel. Make a decision and stick to it. Don't change them. If have doubts consider and examine the positive and the negative aspects before changing them and before you change them, make sure the positive outweighs the bad. There should be good reasons for changing your principles.

Do something. An idle hand is the workshop of the devil. The Bible says that "one who doesn't work shouldn't eat" If you don't do something how will you know what you want?

Work hard. Wherever you find yourself do the best you can do, be the best you can be. Try hard to work hard it goes along way to know what you want. Don't give up easily. Face each challenge with a fight of your own. We don't get weary working hard but get strengths and lessons to move on.

Keep your Hope alive. There is a saying that when there's life there's hope. Please keep it alive. E go better.

How I Spent My Valentine

That's me in my office, last friday, two days before Val. Looking at this picture,  it appears I have no worries or cares in the world. 
This year's Valentine found me in one of my friends home.Right from my teenage years, I've been attached to couples and their kids. I must admit that I learned alot doing this. You get experience from experiences.

I wanted to have a unique valentine this year and out of a lot of choices I decided to spend it, even if it's a couple of hours, with a family I've known for a long time. It had been approximately four years since i last saw them, so I decided on that fateful day, February 13, 2010 to pay a visit to them.
As I prepared to go to their home in Captain, Abulegba, I had a flash back; 
Seven years ago, a set of twins was born to the family of Daniel Odeh and barely two months later, I got to know them through one of my Mom's friends. I also knew they needed help taking care of their children; since both parents are workers.So I volunteered. Within weeks, I'd grown attached to the twins, taking care of them as if they were mine. Till date I don't know why, but I feel like they are a part of me somehow. Very few people knew those kids, especially Gift,the second of the twins, wasn't mine.She was and still as beautiful as she's smart as u can see in the picture above plus she's also my favorite. I loved holding her, just holding her.I love putting her first and she loved having me carry her.I call her the next Oluchi; the famous Nigerian international model. There's Precious, the firstand the most troublesome. She's the daddy's girl, likes getting what she wants.
Over four years, since they moved from our neighbourhood, there's been two additions; Samuel and and Mercy, 5years and 2years respectively.
When I got to their house, I felt a sense of coming home. It was a great feeling. Their mother, Oluchi Odeh couldn't stop hugging me, calling to her neighbours, telling them her long lost "child" has finally returned.The twins have grown alot since I last saw them. I nearly wept, overcome with emotion. The twins have grown into big girls at 7years each, but still they recognised me. 

I wouldn't have spent my val any other way, I later realised. I got to rethink and re-strategise myself. That weekend, for the first time in my life I knew I've never done anything for myself. That I've been taken alot for granted

In that tiny, quiet neighbourhood I found answers I'd been looking for. I learnt about the family's challenges and how they overcame it, they are still overcoming and they will overcome. That family is a far cry from what it was 5years ago. And with God's grace and their hope, which wouldn't dim, they will get though this phase of their lives.
It's funny how bad you think your problem, no, challenges are, until you look, hear and see what other people are going through, you wouldn't really know how lucky you are.
At the end of my stay, the next day, the children didn't want me to go but I knew I had to go. Albeit reluctantly, i left, with a promise to come back and a naira note for biscuits, which wasn't satisfactory to them. 

P.S: I used these pics as a reminder of my stay with them. It was magical and memorable at the same time.Time, indeed tells all and changes all things.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Marriage 2: Opinions

I met a special friend on Yahoo and while we were chatting, I asked him about his own definition and understanding of a marriage. Hear what he said;

 "Man is a social animal. He or she can't survive that much easy alone so they need emotional or financial support to survive in the world. If two people get married it means they need to support each other emotionally or financially  or both if there's no support also if they stick together thats called a good marriage, but if they start non support and plotting against each other is called hell hell of a marriage "

He went further to say that marriage is compared to life. A successful marriage is compared to heaven, that the ingredient to a successful marriage or steps to successfull marriage is LOVE(divine). It should be between couples who are bonded.  

May be LOVE should bond them to marriage or marriage should bond them to LOVE; that is Surya(4rm India)'s definition of an ideal marriage. I have a couple of male friends whose opinions are different. They believe it should be between two people who are matured and know themselves well enough  to be together.

It's not a must to have LOVE in a relationship, they say, it depends on the mutual understanding and agreement between two parties, making marriage sound like a contract  instead of something divine. Most singles cringe at the word marriage, saying it's another word for death trap which they are not ready for.

 I see marriage as a glorious union ordained by God, which has to undergo so many surgeries(obstacles) for it to remain solid and last. So many people, when faced with a challenge or with challenges in their family, don't give it an opportunity to grow.

My parents have been married for twenty- eight years, they have eight kids in between and one grandchild;Precious, whom we call Moses.

I remember when my younger sister got pregnant. It was to me, the most difficult challenge they faced as a couple. Having a daughter who has an unwanted pregnancy @ 15 can be quite disturbing, you know, and if that isn't a difficult challenge i don't know what is.

Moses, is now the pride of their life. I think thats b'cos they didn't  allow it to ruin their relationship.

Things affect us because we allow it. The belief something may not go well and allowing it definitely brings it down.

On opinions of what a xtian marriage should be check this link:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hope is believing there's a tomorrow. Faith is believing something wil happen without you seeing it.I may not know what tommorrow will be like and I don't care about it. All I know is that everything is going to be okay.

Wikpaedia defines Hope as "a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life. Hope is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.

Every time something happens to me, both good and bad all I can do is hope for the best.Knowing that there's a better tommorrow keeps me going on today. And it's all I think about.

But then I remember that there are people who actually have no hope, Who don't know where their next meal is going to come from,who have no roofs over their heads.

I also remember the Haitians....Lord those babies buried under the rubbles, men, women and children with no home nor hope and I hate myself and ask myself questions......Why do I think about only me, myself and I.?I can't even watch CNN anymore 'cos am scared of what i'll see in Haiti;newly discovered bodies dead or alive.

If people were to know that going through fire results in experience would they still grumble and groan? What are Nigerians' reactions to the destructions in Haiti? I've not heard an opinion. We all still have hope of a better, new and great Nigeria.

A Nigeria without corruption, bad politics and rulership, where Americans will look at us with respect and not disdain or fear. A Nigeria where leader will rule with honesty and peace. I still hope we will be delisted as a terrorist nation.

I believe all that's happening now;war,terrorism,corruption, destructions,etc is as a result of the end time. Wow the end time. Another hope that HE is coming. 

I know that going through all these are lessons for tommorrow, so instead of grumblng and complaining I have decided to put in all my best in what am doing now!