Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How I Spent My Valentine

That's me in my office, last friday, two days before Val. Looking at this picture,  it appears I have no worries or cares in the world. 
This year's Valentine found me in one of my friends home.Right from my teenage years, I've been attached to couples and their kids. I must admit that I learned alot doing this. You get experience from experiences.

I wanted to have a unique valentine this year and out of a lot of choices I decided to spend it, even if it's a couple of hours, with a family I've known for a long time. It had been approximately four years since i last saw them, so I decided on that fateful day, February 13, 2010 to pay a visit to them.
As I prepared to go to their home in Captain, Abulegba, I had a flash back; 
Seven years ago, a set of twins was born to the family of Daniel Odeh and barely two months later, I got to know them through one of my Mom's friends. I also knew they needed help taking care of their children; since both parents are workers.So I volunteered. Within weeks, I'd grown attached to the twins, taking care of them as if they were mine. Till date I don't know why, but I feel like they are a part of me somehow. Very few people knew those kids, especially Gift,the second of the twins, wasn't mine.She was and still as beautiful as she's smart as u can see in the picture above plus she's also my favorite. I loved holding her, just holding her.I love putting her first and she loved having me carry her.I call her the next Oluchi; the famous Nigerian international model. There's Precious, the firstand the most troublesome. She's the daddy's girl, likes getting what she wants.
Over four years, since they moved from our neighbourhood, there's been two additions; Samuel and and Mercy, 5years and 2years respectively.
When I got to their house, I felt a sense of coming home. It was a great feeling. Their mother, Oluchi Odeh couldn't stop hugging me, calling to her neighbours, telling them her long lost "child" has finally returned.The twins have grown alot since I last saw them. I nearly wept, overcome with emotion. The twins have grown into big girls at 7years each, but still they recognised me. 

I wouldn't have spent my val any other way, I later realised. I got to rethink and re-strategise myself. That weekend, for the first time in my life I knew I've never done anything for myself. That I've been taken alot for granted

In that tiny, quiet neighbourhood I found answers I'd been looking for. I learnt about the family's challenges and how they overcame it, they are still overcoming and they will overcome. That family is a far cry from what it was 5years ago. And with God's grace and their hope, which wouldn't dim, they will get though this phase of their lives.
It's funny how bad you think your problem, no, challenges are, until you look, hear and see what other people are going through, you wouldn't really know how lucky you are.
At the end of my stay, the next day, the children didn't want me to go but I knew I had to go. Albeit reluctantly, i left, with a promise to come back and a naira note for biscuits, which wasn't satisfactory to them. 

P.S: I used these pics as a reminder of my stay with them. It was magical and memorable at the same time.Time, indeed tells all and changes all things.

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