Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Knowing what you want

What do I want? This has been the question bothering me this week. How can I be myself? How do I know myself.  How do I know what I want. I googled it and came across interesting things. For someone like me I  realised that the main problem we face is that we don't know what we want from life which is why when it comes to making decisions, we flop. 

Wobbling in indecisions we jump at any opportunities that comes our way. This can be quite disastrous because any decisions we make today affects our tommorrow. Here a few tips:

The first step to take to knowing what you want is Finding yourself. Finding yourself means knowing who you are, your likes, what you can do. It also means knowing knowing your limitations, strengths and weaknesses, hereby making your confidence in yourself grow. Start with a new and clean slate.

Put God first. Apart from being our creator, God has been the Author and Finisher of our fate and Faiths. Letting Him know and casting all cares on Him because he alone knows what we want and what's good for us. If you'll but ask Him, he'll tell you

Build your self confidence.  You have to believe in yourself, that you can do it if you try. Trying never hurts. Even when it hurts it reminds you of where you are going so that when you get there, you'll be able to look back with a smile. It boosts you and identifies your abilities.

Stick to your principles. Your principles can be your decisions, your morales or your virtues. Know what they are and believe in them. Do your own thing; don't be a crowd follower or a crowd pleaser. It doesn't matter what people say or think, but what you think and feel. Make a decision and stick to it. Don't change them. If have doubts consider and examine the positive and the negative aspects before changing them and before you change them, make sure the positive outweighs the bad. There should be good reasons for changing your principles.

Do something. An idle hand is the workshop of the devil. The Bible says that "one who doesn't work shouldn't eat" If you don't do something how will you know what you want?

Work hard. Wherever you find yourself do the best you can do, be the best you can be. Try hard to work hard it goes along way to know what you want. Don't give up easily. Face each challenge with a fight of your own. We don't get weary working hard but get strengths and lessons to move on.

Keep your Hope alive. There is a saying that when there's life there's hope. Please keep it alive. E go better.

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