Friday, February 12, 2010

Marriage 2: Opinions

I met a special friend on Yahoo and while we were chatting, I asked him about his own definition and understanding of a marriage. Hear what he said;

 "Man is a social animal. He or she can't survive that much easy alone so they need emotional or financial support to survive in the world. If two people get married it means they need to support each other emotionally or financially  or both if there's no support also if they stick together thats called a good marriage, but if they start non support and plotting against each other is called hell hell of a marriage "

He went further to say that marriage is compared to life. A successful marriage is compared to heaven, that the ingredient to a successful marriage or steps to successfull marriage is LOVE(divine). It should be between couples who are bonded.  

May be LOVE should bond them to marriage or marriage should bond them to LOVE; that is Surya(4rm India)'s definition of an ideal marriage. I have a couple of male friends whose opinions are different. They believe it should be between two people who are matured and know themselves well enough  to be together.

It's not a must to have LOVE in a relationship, they say, it depends on the mutual understanding and agreement between two parties, making marriage sound like a contract  instead of something divine. Most singles cringe at the word marriage, saying it's another word for death trap which they are not ready for.

 I see marriage as a glorious union ordained by God, which has to undergo so many surgeries(obstacles) for it to remain solid and last. So many people, when faced with a challenge or with challenges in their family, don't give it an opportunity to grow.

My parents have been married for twenty- eight years, they have eight kids in between and one grandchild;Precious, whom we call Moses.

I remember when my younger sister got pregnant. It was to me, the most difficult challenge they faced as a couple. Having a daughter who has an unwanted pregnancy @ 15 can be quite disturbing, you know, and if that isn't a difficult challenge i don't know what is.

Moses, is now the pride of their life. I think thats b'cos they didn't  allow it to ruin their relationship.

Things affect us because we allow it. The belief something may not go well and allowing it definitely brings it down.

On opinions of what a xtian marriage should be check this link:

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