Friday, February 19, 2010

What Facebook means to me

I enjoy Facebook totally. I mean it's a friend I may never have. I can share my thoughts and opinions whether it makes sense or not. Before I joined, I always wondered what it was like and I would look at the users and wonder what would make them spend hours on end on that particular social website. I called it a waste of time and money. Then I was tempted into registering having no idea what I was getting myself into.

I must admit that I've come to find succour in that social networking site. If am pissed, happy and sad I can share it with people who don't know me from Adam, but may feel the same way I feel and tell me what to do about it. I know there are big risks involved in giving your private information to people you barely know but it pales in comparison to the positivity of meeting people online who share the same values, beliefs, aspirations, feelings and hopes that you have.

Opinions vary on facebook.Some may see it as an avenue for defrauding people online, but thanks to the new Privacy settings put in place now you can decide who you want to give your informations to at your risks. My elder sister who just came home from service in the North, after completing her Tertiary education doesn't share my idea. She'd register alright but with another name. " I don't like giving my details to people i don't know, why didn't you use another profile name?"She asked me. I told her it was her email address that I used to create her profile and she kept mum. When I later informed her that I'd checked her page yesterday, saw she wasn't using it, uploaded her image and added some friends, she went over the roof. Hear her "why didn't you ask me before uploading my picture?"

Others think it's a waste of time. They can't imagine spending that much time on a site. Employers says Facebook delays work stating the website was "not directly related to the workplace" as quoted by Wikipedia. Employees would rather spend time "facebooking" than working during working time. Critics says it can damage intimate relationships,leaving people especially teenagers without strong social ties.

I've been wondering what a genius is made of; If he or she was born that way but after reading about the 25-year old founder of Facebook, the youngest self-made billionaire(as of Jan. 2010), I can't help but think I've done and accomplished nothing so far. Facebook has done so something very few people are doing these days, education, information, name them. Mark Zuckerberg  has recording his name automatically in the history books.

Facebook can also be vain and addictive. I can't imagine not checking Facebook more than twenty times or uploading links, notes,I can even thank God, saying good morning Jesus, before jetting off to work in the morning on Facebook. Whatever it is, Facebook is good for me!

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