Monday, March 22, 2010

Genevieve and D'banj: True Or A Ruse

Two weeks ago, I was going through my profile in one of my numerous social websites, when I came accross an information that would become a bomb, literally speaking, in the entertainment industry;

Genevieve is dating D'banj, D'banj confirms it!

What?!! was my first thought. these journalist are at "it" again writing so they can make a few bucks. How could someone publish such rubbish? It can't be true. Salt and oil can't mix or so I thought. A week later when Genevieve was asked to confirm the news she neither confirmed nor denied the claim made by D'banj. She was quoted by Encomium magazine  saying:

"I can only say that I would like to keep my private life private and I really don't have anything to say"

and "Dbanj is an adult and he has said something. Let's just leave it at that, "

Surely, we  your loyal fans deserve some answers, Genevieve. We don't mean to pry into your private affairs but we care for you and we are dying of curiosity to know how you a "good girl" met "The Kokomaster" who can also be called a "bad boy". If you can recall, when you were rumoured of dating the then Vice President, Atiku Abubakar we didn't believe them, if when uyou werspotted with "the new Jeep", we were on your side fully, I might hard because we believe that you are more than that.

Personally, Genevieve's life is a part of my inspiration, my first role model . Infact, my pen name;Jenny was derived from her nickname Genny. Her  way of life, glamour the way she acts, gosh is so "coool" to me down to the way she disses journalists who tends to "ask too much" about her way of life.

Now, we need an affirmation or denial plus we'd also want to know if it's real and mutual. we heard she even apeared in D'banj's new video "fall in love". Should we call you guys "D'banjieve" that is the new Brangelina?

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