Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yahoo! Rooms

Was bored last afternoon, so I decided to join a yahoo chat room. Signing in to yahoo messenger took me no time at all. Ignoring my offline messages, I went straight to Yahoo Messenger joining, the 20's chat room but was dumbfounded by what I saw:

"Honey women see me live on my webcam"    and
           " how to find free sex online"

Eyes poppingI left the room immediately. Checking other rooms I found the same results. Eeeeeeh, where can I find Tru talk without sex? I wondered. Guys and girls wanting to be laid are everywhere. I don't want to be laid, I fumed, I just want to talk. Just talk.

I remembered an experience I won't easily forget. Late last year I met someone online. I'll call him Rob, a Nigerian. I felt lucky we'd talk on phone and online. We talked about everything. Then out of the blue he wanted sex online or on phone. I was disappointed. To cut the story short, we decided not to continue. 
The experience was quite illuminating. I felt i was from the first century, someone who doesn't know what's going on(I still feel so). It's not encouraging at all. What wrong in chatting about politics or sports(am a very good sports fan) I don't hide it. I love being informed and I'd want to get infos anyway I can; reading and meeting people inclusive, even those ones i don't know.
What about youngsters who chat on the net? I couldn't even begin to imagine what they're exposed to on the internet.
 On social networking site I've visited so far, only few don't talk about sex or hooking up. Recently I'd complained to  friends about receiving creepy e-mails and texts which they'd replied with reproaches "it's your fault. why leave or give your contact details to people you don't know?"

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