Thursday, April 29, 2010

When In Rome

Why do we have relationships? Ideas anyone? To cure loneliness? Safety? Is it because we feel we have attained a certain age we don't want or have to stay alone? I have been wondering about this  but I've been left with an empty feeling in my stomach, you kow that feeling you have as you are the only one in the planet. It's not flattering to be the only girl (I think) who turns married men away. I'm not talking about unserious or irresponsible ones but self-made, serious ones. It's not a new thing for a young girl like me but can be seen as a misuse of opportunities for people more experienced than me.

At a point in one's life, you need a companion, you need somebody u can call ur own, you need a friend who is not just a friend, but a soul mate. I agree to all these points made by by on-line friend, Surya but what happens when it fails? What happens if that spark in your relationships fades and dies? what would you do? Look for another spark or try to ignite that spark in your relationship? 

The economy crunch might be blamed for everything but should it be blamed on our relationships too? Relationships are based on so many factors;sex, friends, fun, etc but at what risks? So many of them. From a peronal experience I've seen women suffer from abuse, different kinds of abuse; heartbreak, rape, battering,hunger, etc.  All because they don't what to be alone? Isn't the price high?

As a girl who believes in fairytales and still do, my idea of a relationship is in contrast to what is in form today. A relationship filled with trust, loyalty and honesty is what should be in vogue, not the give-and take that everyone's used to. Eventually you tire of it, if you are not addicted, and you'll start to yearn for something more lasting and fulfilling. In my short years I've seen relationships that fail because it was built on lies and deceit.

If you find yourself in Rome like I did, what would you do? Act like a Roman (behave and live like they do) or be different. It's not easy, if u're looking for easy don't try to beat them rather, join them. We all have choices to make in life and how we make them is our business and responsiblity. No one makes them for us.

Easter: A time For Me

Hey!!! It feels good to be back, if I should say so since it's more than a month from my last post. So many things can and has happened within that time that I may not be able to tell. I have to admit that it's been a great, great time. A great learning stage for me. it's true what they say that you don't know how strong you are until u face a challenge. I have seen that and I have to say that it's been a disappointment to me to find out that I'm not as strong as I thought myself to be. Though, I further surprised myself by holding on to what I felt was right.

I wanted my Easter holiday to be my time for sober reflection. A time I get to go far, far away from everything, everyone that knows me. Just to leave my world. Believe me that world can be tiring most times. Not for the first time(if ya'all could know) have I felt that way, but this time I knew I was just a little step between sanity and insanity. I just needed a break I knew was not to come, yet. Though disappointed, I'm thankful to God and Him alone for helping to hold on to His lifeline. (this feels likke the ramblings of a madwoman doesn't it?)

Anyways, I started my Easter with a great rest, travelled down to Abeokuta, a town in Ogun for a typical Yoruba wedding with one of my mentors who did her best to flog me, literally, before we went. I wouldn't blame her, no, because it was no less than I deserved before choosing to follow a windy and narrow path. We came back that same day, which became one of the happiest for me because Chelsea Fc, my favourite football club won against their rivals Manchester United. I got home with a gift, movies ofcourse, for my youngest and favourite brother because for the second time this session he became the first in Academics in his class. Movies had become a traditon in our house when we discovered that 3meals a day was impossible. Lets go back, shall we?

Easter Sunday flew by with me still fighting for some alone time for myself. With just a day to go, I believed I would still get an "alone time" for myself. I did and I enjoyed it.
I went to the popular Lekki beach alone, yes alone, with no guy and I had fun. Going out with guys had become less fun and more omplication for my taste these days. To answer your unvoicable questions; no I haven't quit my job and I don't regret doing so. Till my next blog...