Friday, May 21, 2010

The Break-up

Ok, so I was warned. I was told that only a dog goes back to its vomit but I didn't care, after all I'm not a dog, I'm human and as a human cum woman, I deserve to have some human sympathy. It's his fault for being cute and saying 9ce things that I couldn't help but say "ok, lets give it another try". I gave us a week and I felt it was the biggest mistake I've ever made. I never missed him and I didn't feel guilty about it instead I missed someone else(name witheld).

Now, whenever he sees me, he crosses the next street. Men and their lies, ha!! I get a flashback anytime I see him about those promises he made, those seem-like truths that kept pouring from his mouth.I kick my self mentally by reminding myself that I made the last decision and the last scene,which was quite interesting(don't ask).

I guess it was pity not even like that made me think it might work but hey we've broken up and I couldn't be happier about it.So, gals broken-up or having problems in ur relationshps, chin up, there are better guys out there who wouldn't maltreat you but treat you like a lady. Don't give up hopes yet.

Lessons learned;
1. Never go back to an ex especially if you have no more feelings for him.
2. Don't feel sorry/pity for him, if it's not love it can/may never change anytime soon.

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