Thursday, May 20, 2010

P-Square: The Dynamic Twins

Oh yes, they are. they are an inspiration for youngsters of today whose interests are in Afro hip-hop. Recently, they were nominated along with M.I, etc, for the BET 10th Annual Awards as the best international acts. Yes, BET for Black Entertainment Television. Naturally, I'm happy that Nigerians are getting recognition as they should, but I gotta give it to P-square. A few weeks ago, they were awarded the highest award in Africa, in music, at the Kora Music awards as the Best African Act.

To be fair, I've had a crush on the both of them particularly Peter ever since there first classic hit "Last night". Their moves and grooves always keeps me at the edge of my seat. The release of the "Senorita" video kept me entralled and couldn't stop many of us fans, from loving them more and more. Since 2003 till date, P-square has released a total of four(4) albums which has garnered them lots of fans, fame, nominations and awards nationall and international. For me, apart from Tu face, P-square is the best thing we've got going on right now that could break the jinx of the non recognition of Nigerian music and videos by the International communities.

I guess that due to the success of their recent and tours Nigerians and haters(sorry, had to use that) have no choice but give them their due. If you haven't watched them perform, then you can't and won't understand why so many of their audiences keep fainting and screaming "P-square" at the top of their voices whether they are on stage or offstage. I think one of those reasons we love watching them perform is that they ask the audience/fans to make their choices and they wouldn't disappoint. Watching them perform reminds me of Michael jackson, always tireless. I know they got their inspiration from him but I can't help but bemoan the fact that he didn't know/meet/perform with them before he died.

Songs like "Miss U Die" "Say Ur Love", "Am I Still The Special man" will always remain legendary and special because you never tire of them to say the least about "No One Be Like You" outstanding I Love You" and "Possibility" both from their latest album Danger.

This is not a paid advert. It's just me appreciating hardwork and determination which has paid off for these particular set of twins(I did say they were twins, didn't I?). I can't help but imagine how many setbacks and dissappointments they've had before they get to where they are now.

So, P2, keep it up for you've earned this and more. So much more. I still believe that Americans don't want to acknowledge us 'cos they are afraid of competition and what we can do. I won't be surprised though, if you guys are nominated for the Grammys!!!

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