Monday, May 17, 2010

Working For a Mean Boss

Ha!!! One of the most common topics you might say, but it's really not easy to face. You can't tell until you're in that situation but speaking from experience, I can say it's one of the most dangerous situations one can ever face: your means of livelihood is at stake, your peace of mind wretched. What more is there when whenever u wake up in the morning with your alarm ringing in your ear, and the prospect of dressing up for work is not appealling to you? We are supposed to be in love with our jobs and careers.They are and should remain one of those things we love doing it/them.

You may be tempted to resign or become rude to him/her both of which are the most cowardly things to do. We must learn to face challenges instead of running from them as they prepare us for whats to come. Your boss may be teaching you or want you to learn based/from on her own experiences and history. He/She may be mean due to personal problems at home or challenges

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