Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Letter To GOD

Good Morning, Big Man. How was your 9te? Do U even spend 9tes. Am just curious 'cos U made them. I'm also wondering if U knew that most of us humans spend our 9tes tossing and turning on our beds, worrying needlessly about when our next meals will come.

If I may ask, why create the 9te in the first place? Why create the 9te? Is it to remind us of the difference between good and evil,light and darkness, give us a deserved and earned rest after a day of pleasing insatiable customers and superiors? Or just to make us regret our choices? Or to create job opportunities to clean ladies,graduates among them who have lost hopes of using their brains? Do U ever sleep or are U also worried about us? Do U have a bed in which U toss and turn, wondering why human U created with Ur Own hands are unfeeling, selfish and cruel?

I know I'm not supposed to complain.It might be a blasphemy but U know/knew my thoughts, good and evil,surely U anticipated this outburst.Surely U know that there are many who no longer think or care about themselves, who has lost hopes in everything.

We now have "Goodluck" in our midst.U raised him from pillar to the Palace, were U trying to tell us that we'll have well deserved "sleeps" soon? A badluck we never anticipated came in form of a red card against Greece and has left us wondering if our Football side is a mirror of our politics. Barely two weeks after 'the failure" we had an answer. One that clearly shows charity,indeed,begins at home. Our Representatives 'exchanged blows",not bizarre since its not the first time. 

"The Lord is a good psychologist: he knows the way our minds run. Turmoil can be the Lord's way of tapping us on the shoulder and saying, 'Don't forget me.'" -- Eknath Easwaran

I won't forget U, Lord.Any1 who has had close encounters with U as I have, wont.U said U can't ever forget Ur children,please, keep fighting for them.

Ur kneeling and grateful daughter,


  1. Okafor Ekene MichaelWednesday, January 26, 2011

    My God, this is good. What inspired this write up? Keep that same close relationship with Him, cos He can run through troops for you.

  2. @Okafor; I intend to keep it. thak you

  3. Wow!Wow!Wow!Am just speechless!!!