Monday, September 19, 2011

Mc Loph: Another life robbed on Benin-Ore Road

Life is a gift. When its taken away, people mourn. Entertainment industry has once again been thrown into mourning over the death of yet another rapper, Nwaozor Obiajulu aka MC Loph. He was reportedly involved in an accident along the infamous Benin-Ore road on his way to his traditional wedding with his Abia state born bride.

The Vanguard reported that he died before help could reach them.

Just a few months ago, the industry celebrated the anniversary of Da grin's death. Da grin also died via motor accident while Terry G survived his.

Mc Loph would be for his remake of Osadebe's hit song 'Osondi Owendi' which features Flavour, the Oyi na tum crooner.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Elections: Who Is Right?

"You've spent too much time under an 'umbrella'" a Politician said at a rally on Tuesday, March 15, 2011, "twelve years of unfulfilled promises" he continued. "There are still 12million unemployed graduates out there". 

Watching it live on national television, i couldn't help but ask a question. Has there ever been a politician who, once he gets into his elected office, fulfills his promise? Show me that person and I'll show you a man with his own agenda; a plan B for himself or his political party. 

Libya is a very good example. Anyone who's been there or knows about the government, would say the people don't lack anything. The only thing they lack is their fundamental human rights. You may ask what's the need fundamental human rights? When there's provision for for employment, education, shelter and good roads? You have to wonder if people in that country aren't greedy.We in Nigeria have a lackluster fundamental human right coupled with bad leadership. 4 years in 4years out we  can only dream about a better Nigeria.

As much as I'd love a breathe of air, I'll vote for  someone new to godfather ism and corruption in general,I'd go for a youth with fresh ideas, someone who has a four year plan, who has 50 percent of the good of Nigeria at heart.

But where can we find such paragon of humanity? I'm afraid such person hasn't been born. Not yet. I don't mean born of a woman but born to rule. 

As a Nigerian,  the legacy we have is survival. We want to fight not for people but our own stomach. 

Until we find a leader who loves filling other peoples' stomach before his own, Nigeria will still be a sleeping giant. 

What am i saying? It's the end time, these things are bound to happen.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Feeling The Blues?

On the 31st of January 2011,  I woke up @ 5 am with butterflies in my stomach. What caused them you might ask? Torres was coming to Stamford Bridge. I was going to church with a friend on the day before and thought that I should check BBCFootball on the net for any rumours/gossips. There, lo and behold, was the rumour about a fifty million pound transfer between a London Club and a Merseyside club. I started drooling..who wouldn't want Fernando Torres in their team, even if he is the uneffective and unstriking Fernando Torres. @ 12am it was confirmed and we(the blues fan) were all in cloud 9. F9 is really a beauty and talent to behold.aaaahh. The rest as they say is history.

 Now, almost a month to that day, I'm thinking, was it a right choice by Abramovich? We have no doubts he loves Chelsea Fc, any1 who doubts  his love didn't watch last season's last premier league game @ home. The day we lifted the trophy after three years. We loved and still love Drogba, Ashley Cole, Bosingwa and co. They are just feeling the blues. A time when they can loose to any team, and when I say any team, any team e.g Wolves. Even though wolves did great by beating Liverpool, Man city and Manchester United, it was the worst defeat that I, a true blue, could ever take.

 I love football. Watching the game is a favorite past time of mine. I love watching the Blues play. Their story made me love the game. The fact that our very own Mikel Obi is one of their starting X1 has made me love them more. During pre-season, the Chelsea team went on tour to Germany loosing four of their six games. But they were easily forgiven  given the fact that 2010 was a World cup year and a disapointing one , I understood that it would be difficult getting back the form they had when they won "the double".

They lost the Community Shield to Manchester United. Doubts were raised if the champions could defend their EPl title.  But loosing to.....arrrggghhh. Let me stop here.

I pray EL Nino settles down @ SW6. But I won't be convinced until he scores his first goal. We would love it more if he scores them in the champions league.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Nu Year

 Wanted to start my first blog this year with nu resolutions. I wanted start by saying things straight from the heart but i can't. I had details about my holiday. I had plans and tots to share I think it's about time i stop promising and start planning? Don't you? I have two reasons for waking up everyday: Hope and Faith in God. Now, I can honestly say that I might have lost that will and reason to go on.

Right from my childhood I've always had that belief(which is still there) that everything is gonna be okay. But now, I don't know anymore. I can say that if my exposures and experiences has done something, it has made me believe in myself. I have composure.

Waking up to a father who hasn't given neither love nor affection not to talk of money ever since i left high school, saying I haven't given him anything but achieved nothing is my bad idea of waking up.

I'm ending this blog by saying that no matter how tough a day is, no matter how bad the world or people may seem, even though i haven't see mine  yet,there's a light at the end of the tunnel. I just can't help but wait for that light it is all I have right now. The tunnel is just too cold and depressing.

P.S: I hope u enjoyed ur holiday!!