Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Elections: Who Is Right?

"You've spent too much time under an 'umbrella'" a Politician said at a rally on Tuesday, March 15, 2011, "twelve years of unfulfilled promises" he continued. "There are still 12million unemployed graduates out there". 

Watching it live on national television, i couldn't help but ask a question. Has there ever been a politician who, once he gets into his elected office, fulfills his promise? Show me that person and I'll show you a man with his own agenda; a plan B for himself or his political party. 

Libya is a very good example. Anyone who's been there or knows about the government, would say the people don't lack anything. The only thing they lack is their fundamental human rights. You may ask what's the need fundamental human rights? When there's provision for for employment, education, shelter and good roads? You have to wonder if people in that country aren't greedy.We in Nigeria have a lackluster fundamental human right coupled with bad leadership. 4 years in 4years out we  can only dream about a better Nigeria.

As much as I'd love a breathe of air, I'll vote for  someone new to godfather ism and corruption in general,I'd go for a youth with fresh ideas, someone who has a four year plan, who has 50 percent of the good of Nigeria at heart.

But where can we find such paragon of humanity? I'm afraid such person hasn't been born. Not yet. I don't mean born of a woman but born to rule. 

As a Nigerian,  the legacy we have is survival. We want to fight not for people but our own stomach. 

Until we find a leader who loves filling other peoples' stomach before his own, Nigeria will still be a sleeping giant. 

What am i saying? It's the end time, these things are bound to happen.

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