Monday, July 18, 2016


Kim K inspires me
Kim Kardashian-West inspires me. Yes, you read that right. She has made a lot of mistakes, keeps making mistakes and then owns up to them. You know that there are people who will never acknowledge their mistakes, right? I remember when she was pregnant with North and came to Nigeria to host one of Darey’s shows. I also remember Nigerians dragging her on Social Media for calling us monkeys. That story was fabricated but she still came out to tell us with respect that she loved her time in Nigeria. She does not care what people think about her mistakes or her past but she uses their thoughts/actions against them. She also makes money from the negativity… How cool is that? I am not an obsessive fan like the Beyhive but I love giving credit to whom credit is due.

Kimye and Taylor when the going was good...Pic from

After having an eventful weekend in which a contender for Mr. Chima(lol) told me that we(meaning that I did, after all his stupid promises take our relationship too seriously(long story) , I was on my way to work at 5am on July 18, 2016 when I opened Twitter and saw that Mrs. Kardashian West had once again broken the internet.

She did not pose nude this time but put a friendly foe in her place. Now, I am not a Taylor Swift fan but people love her music and as much as I love music I am not the kind to follow trends…#notsorry. The friendly foe had disgraced Mr. West a few months back.  Mrs. West took the insult to her family calmly but exposed her in a way that even MJ would applaud.
Kim K's Forbes' Cover

I pray that when I grow up, I would shame a lot of my naysayers the way she does. I also pray for some dress sense. Last week, she was on the cover of Forbes. Last month, it was GQ. If you know marketing and life, you will understand that talent (that plenty people claim Mrs. West doesn’t have) is just a small percentage of what is needed to succeed in this life. It takes gut, confidence and above all belief in God.

What would I do if my ex released a sex tape of the two of us? Would I be able to walk on the street if people called me a hoe or a bitch? Mehn, my pride go suffer. A lot. If I were a worshipper in Assemblies of God Church Nigeria, they would suspend me and give me back seat. Can I love a genius that everybody loves to hate? Can I have children against doctors’ advice? Would I ever love a man enough to be pregnant twice in 2 years and go through excruciating labour? Would I still work myself through pain and internet hate just so that I have the perfect figure to be Mr. West’s handbag while people think he is too good for me?

I do not know the answers to all these questions but now you know where I stand, on Taylor Swift/Kimye’s drama. Lol.